Out of Town

No. 70 Best Bar in the World @cafelatrovamiami One of my hobbies is to visit @theworlds50best & @50bestbars I had…

 Out of Town

No. 70 Best Bar in the World @cafelatrovamiami

One of my hobbies is to visit @theworlds50best & @50bestbars

I had this spot on my list way before it made it on the list and I hadn’t come round to it. Once it hit the list, it almost became an urgency for me to visit.

As the day approached I found out @chefmichy a @beardfoundation awarded chef was behind the food. My anxiety for epic food and cocktails was at its peak…

Unfortunately only some #cocktails met the expectations and the food was only theoretically and visually epic.

Take this #arrozconpollo as an example. The dish appeared to be comforting and elevated from the menu, although, I had my reservations with their choice of chicken breast. When the dish came it passed the eye test, but the soulful flavor, iconic to this dish was missing. It lacked depth and to my surprise, the #alaplancha chicken breast was the best part… tender, juicy and packed with flavor!


The croquetas and some of drinks were on our table almost instantaneously after we ordered. It felt and tasted as if they were pre-made or part of an assembly line.

Which at the end wouldn’t matter if the quality wasn’t affected, but the #croquetas weren’t crunchy and the mojitos were watered down.

It’s hard to grasp that the #oldfashioned was better than the #mojito in this Cuban spot.
My favorite drink was actually made by the man himself @juliopapadoble The Raymond Old Fashioned was definitely worthy and felt like it actually belonged in this super dope bar!

I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of human happiness.

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